Institute for Semantic Computing (ISC)

Semantic Computing (SC) is Computing based on Semantics (“meaning”, "context", “intention”). It addresses all types of resources including data, document, tool, device, process and people. The scope of SC includes analytics, semantics description languages and integration, interfaces, and its applications in biomed, IoT, cloud computing, SDN, wearable computing, context awareness, mobile computing, search engines, question answering, big data, multimedia, services, etc.

The Institute for Semantic Computing (ISC) is an NSF I/UCRC (Industry University Collaborative Research Center) initially established among UCI, UCLA and UCSD. As it evolves more academic institutions will be invited to join.

A projected outcome of the collaborative project is a Semantic Problem Solving Engine (SPSE) in which geographically distributed resources can be easily connected to solve problems based on semantics. The SPSE is open to the public and is inviting everyone to join.

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